Council President

As May comes to a close, all of the area school systems and universities end their course work and begin their summer schedules. This is always a bittersweet period for me. As a teacher, I am always excited about the changes in my daily life that summer represents, but I am also saddened to say goodbye to the many students, who either graduate or will never be in my courses again. For many years, I have moved to North Carolina for the summer to live and do research at Duke University. In addition, my family and I take the typical summer trips to Disney World, historical sites, or the beach. The children also take part in various camps throughout the summer and because of all this, our house and our church become places that we occasionally visit rather than our typical home bases.

The summer is a wonderful time for change, travel and some relaxation. However, there are certain parts of my life that are always there no matter the season. I have to pay my mortgage, utility bills, and take care of our pets. I also have to remember that even though I may be out of town, our church still has all of its typical monthly needs. As President of the Council over the last two-plus years, I have had the opportunity to study the church’s finances and have noticed that our monthly offerings tend to decrease fairly dramatically during the summer months. This is due in part to the members of the congregation taking advantage of the warm weather to travel or to miss services for other reasons and perhaps miss giving an offering here or there. Unfortunately, the church’s expenses don’t decrease during the summer, so the council tries to save money throughout the year to make up for this expected shortfall, but finances are always a little tight during this period.

As you enjoy the summer over the next few months, I ask you to join me in insuring that you make your offerings to the church just like you make certain that you pay your other monthly bills. With that request, I just want to say that I sincerely hope that everyone has a wonderful summer.

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