Lenten Living

By Pastor James Clark

Another Lenten season is upon us. I am heartened that many are taking advantage of the additional opportunities for worship and learning this Lent. I hope that each CTK member and prospective member will avail themselves of this wonderful time of sharing and growing in response to the gospel.

One of the themes of our Lenten observance is our response to God’s call in the gospel to return to baptism — to once more hear God’s word of love and acceptance and salvation in Jesus Christ. Though baptism is administered only once, baptism is not a once-and-for-all event. Baptism is an ongoing event in the life of each Christian as we grow into the relationship that God established when the water was poured and the words spoken to us (even though most of us who were baptized as infants won’t remember).

Only as we continue to grow as Christians can we put the teaching (learning) and doing together. We worship as we believe; let us also live as we believe. To be a Christian in life is to be more than a religious social worker. To be a Christian in daily life is to put Calvary love into practice each day. We may not share the story of Jesus in words with everyone we meet but hopefully people will see the love and life of Jesus in all of our interactions with them.

That’s why we are here at CTK – to be a worshiping, learning, witnessing, serving and equipping community – equipping God’s saints for ministry in daily life. I hope and pray that you will come along with us in each aspect of our life together in order that together and as a community of faith we may praise the God who has saved us and serve the people He has placed in our lives.

Lenten Blessings and Peace.