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Landscape & Grounds Team

The Landscape & Grounds Team maintains the lovely appearance of our church grounds. About four times a year, a Saturday Workday is held where volunteers get together for a few hours and tackle some of the seasonal landscape tasks such as weeding, mulching and pruning.  Also individuals and groups of volunteers adopt a particular area of the property, such as the rose garden, to maintain by periodically weeding and watering. It’s a great way to get exercise and fellowship in an outdoor setting.  More volunteers are always needed and no experience is necessary.

Luke-and-Sarah-picking-up-limbsLandscape Crew (flower beds and shrubbery upkeep)
Coordinator:  Amy Barish  |  770-889-3072  |  email

Property Team

The Property Team sees to the upkeep and minor repair of the physical building. A small group of member meet on the first and third Tuesday of each month to do any small repair work needed in the church and education buildings.

Building Maintenance  (maintain the buildings both inside and out)
Coordinator:  Donnie Culver  | 770-887-0926